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Those are my current business cards. They’re purposefully ambiguous at the moment, because I’m currently looking at a range of roles. They are blank on the reverse so that I can add information that pertains to something I was talking about with the recipient. Jotting down a film title or an event, etc. makes the card more useful, more valuable and more likely to be retained and used.
And I do always have some in my wallet, not just in a box on my desk.

My CV (pdf)


Work Experience – Matthew Harrison

Music promo

Job Specification:

Matthew¬†approached me, asking for “someone who is confident to gaffer/light” for a one-day music promo shoot in Southsea. He was directing, with Joshua Davies as DoP, and my friend Angus Higginson assisting Joshua.

The shoot ended up getting extended until after midnight, and Angus couldn’t stay on, so I shifted into a joint Lighting/Assistant Camera role for the final few hours.

I was required to

  • unpack, check and rig the lights (Arri 300s and LED panels)
  • adjust the lights to suit Josh’s shots, and to replicate previous set ups
  • to replicate daylight and moonlight, including fine-tuning the colour and quality of light using gels and diffusion materials on the lights and windows
  • blocking out daylight
  • providing fill light with both reflectors and light sources
  • battery charging duties
  • having exactly the right type of tape to hand
  • working around people in cramped conditions without spoiling shots or getting in anyone’s way
  • helping sort out (borrowed) equipment which was unfamiliar to everyone – eg. with camera rigging options
  • changing lenses
  • anticipating camera adjustments where possible
  • checking and packing the kit at the end of the shoot


I’m pleased to say this job was far from easy, but went really well overall. I got brownie points for working an unexpectedly long day (16 hours), and I made sure I stayed around to pack the kit up at the end, rather than vanishing.
There were at least two times when Josh went to ask me for something, only to find I had already brought it.
I learned useful things like pre-setting a lens, what an Anton Bauer is (large 3-pin battery pack), and how to block out a window (foil & water).